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Camp Crushit: 5-Day Confidence BootCamp

The biggest enemy to your goals is your "INNER ME"!  

 Hang with me in this 5-day, online bootcamp and by this time next week, you can be SUPERCHARGED to be the YOU that you've always wanted to be.  You are already amazing, this mini-course just helps you shine!

Plus you get the DOUBT KILLERS Ebook included as the course textbook!



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Doubt Killers

You Can Win Against Doubt!

Doubt Killers gives you 9 ways to keep you  on track to accomplish your goals.  This reference helps you overcome doubt, plus a bonus "slayer" tp get you motivated to live your BEST YEAR EVER!

No matter what kinds of things may have held you back from accomplishing your dreams in the past, make this the season for overcoming those doubts and fears. This reference helps you do just that.


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Inspire Followers...In Real Life

This amazing reference gives detailed steps for helping you lead the vision for your team.  


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Leading While Bleeding

During your next “leading while bleeding” season, this short reference will give you six tips to help you get through it faster, with less pain and hopefully come out of it better than you were when you started.  All of us, at one time or another, have had to fix our gaze on the finish line, tighten our jaws and plow through an awkward or even heartbreaking experience. How well you come out on the other side of difficult situations is the true testament to what you have inside of you.   

This is a must-have on your desk or in your phone to keep you cucumber cool during a crisis.


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Networking that Really Works

 Everyone needing to grow their connections can boost thier networking confidence with Networking that REALLY Works because it teaches you how to relax and create meaningful connections who are eager to do business or create community with you!  This short and impactful, step-by-step guide with scripts will give you real tools to grow your confidence and set you up to be a power networker without having to be salesy.


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Power Pack - 3 Product Bundle

Three great tools to help you reach your goals... at one low price!


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Resumes that Get Results - e-Book

This amazing reference gives detailed steps for helping you have a resume that gets through to the decision makers. Have you been sending out countless resumes, yet not getting any call backs? I have great job specific resume keywords, tips on making sure your resume is "scannable" and how to best present yourself if you don't have tons of experience.


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What is Your Resume Whispering About You? eFactsheet (Updated)

Certain words are triggers that let HR know that you are not the right fit for the position. Other words are necessary to even be considered for a position. Do you know if your resume has them covered? This short guide gives you resources and highlights things that your resume could be saying that could cost you and ways to help. This updated version of the popular blog post has even more resume "triggers" that can keep you from getting in front of the important hiring gatekeepers.


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